Our 10 Favorite Brass Decor Ideas To Try In Your Home

Brass became popular as a luxury material during the Victorian era. Now, the brass trend is making a comeback. With the emergence of designers’ creativity, brass jewelry has gradually shown diversified and personalized characteristics. From delicate candlesticks to chic vases, brass decor gives life a more artistic flair.

Install brass wall lights

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Brass wall sconces catch the eye with their unique shine. It exudes classic charm and fashionable atmosphere. Whether you prefer modern or retro, brass wall sconces can satisfy your home decoration needs. This wall light set from TRLIFE is available in gold or black. 2 dimmable LED bulbs provide stable and pleasant light. Flexible swing arm settings to meet your lighting needs.

A brass mirror

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The baroque frame of this brass mirror adds a touch of vintage and luxury. It measures 19″ x 30.75″ making it the perfect accent piece for any wall. Mirrors bring warm, bright reflections and visually expand the space.

Try a brass bed frame

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Adjustable Height Bed Frame – Novogratz Bushwick Brass Bed Frame. Install 7 inches from the floor for a lower profile. Mounts at 11-in. for more under-bed storage. Clean lines design for a bed for children, parents or guests.

Brass Candle Holder

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The rustic texture and antique brass finish give these candle holders a vintage vibe. Sujun candle holder set includes small, medium and large sizes. Arrange candlesticks of different heights and shapes together. The candlelight rises and falls, giving you a wonderful visual effect. If you’re hesitant about the decorative effect of brass, start with candlesticks. Small candle holders are one of the easiest ways to incorporate brass into your home decor.

Brass decorative painting

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This 3D hollow ginkgo decorative painting is 39 inches long and 20 inches wide. Smooth lines enrich the intertwined layers of leaves. The mottled light and shadow add a lot of artistic feeling. There are 2 appropriately sized holes on the back of the decorative painting for easy hanging, no assembly required.

Brass chandelier

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If you want a more distinctive brass accent, a chandelier is a great choice. The antique gold chandelier has a candle-shaped base on each curved arm. Retro, ornate chandeliers provide illumination while also being pleasing to the eye. Modern chandeliers are suitable for all ceilings including flat, sloped and vaulted ceilings.

Brass tableware

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This cutlery set from OCE is made of stainless steel but comes in the same color options as brass. Stainless steel cutlery set will not bend, break or be damaged by heat. The satin polished surface makes every meal look extra elegant and sophisticated.

Conveying simplicity and warmth, brass jewelry witnesses the passage of time. It also carries the warmth of home. Let us join hands into this creative world of brass. Brass decoration adds a different kind of beauty to life.

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