Bathroom Organization Tips to Make Your Small Space Tidy

A warm and comfortable bathroom can highlight the feeling of “home” and immediately distance yourself from a “rental house”. A clean and bright bathroom space not only makes people happy physically and mentally, but also improves the taste of the home. In today’s fast-paced life, the bathroom often becomes our haven for relaxation. However, for many people, the bathroom is often one of the most difficult places to keep tidy in a small space. The accumulation of toiletries, towels, cosmetics and other trivial items often makes the bathroom look cluttered. However, with some simple and practical organization tips, we can easily keep the bathroom organized and give the small space a neat and uncluttered charm.

Washing Area

I think many girls usually put face lotion or cosmetics in the bathroom. Some cosmetics cannot touch water, so they should be put in closed lockers. In order to save space, we can choose a sink storage cabinet, which is what we often call a “bathroom cabinet”. It has two uses and uses space reasonably. It is environmentally friendly and has a sense of design.

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The bathroom cabinet is an important part of the bathroom, it plays the finishing touch. As long as the bathroom cabinet is chosen correctly, a beautiful bathroom will basically take shape.

If you’re a bit of a germaphobe like me, the cleanliness of the sink determines my mood. We must pay attention to hygiene at ordinary times, and remove dirt immediately if it appears to prevent it from becoming deep-rooted. The first step in organizing is storage. Use various shelves to place your toothbrush cups and towels. When these things are hung on the wall in an orderly manner, the entire bathroom will be much fresher.

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If you are careless, always fussy and often accidentally break some glass items, finding this storage shelf is considered a savior. Sturdy and easy to install, moisture-proof and waterproof, it is not only environmentally friendly and hygienic, but also convenient for storage.

Bathing Area

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If you don’t want to splash water when taking a shower, in addition to installing shower room glass, a shower curtain is the simplest way to separate dry and wet areas. It is easy to install and has the lowest cost. It is very suitable for smaller bathrooms. At the same time, the shower curtain does not need to be cleaned frequently and can be replaced regularly to ensure hygiene. It not only prevents water from overflowing during the shower, but is also waterproof and windproof, and it can also improve the beauty of the bathroom to a certain extent.

What bottles and jars to put in the bathroom? Let me straighten you out, what shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, body wash, face wash …… How can you have so many things without a shelf? It is dexterous design, easy loading and unloading, convenient storage of practical functions in various places in the home to stand firm, is to organize the home and small items of a good helper, bathroom shelves are generally combined with the bathroom style, both to store some small objects, while not taking up extra space.

The wall-mounted tripod is designed to be stuck in the corner to make reasonable use of space for storage. It is very convenient to put shower gel, shampoo, soap and other items in layers and take them as you go. Its adsorption and carrying capacity cannot be underestimated. Don’t worry about it being washed away by water.

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Rest of Area

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Towel racks are also essential. Note, I am not talking about towel racks nailed to the wall, but towel racks with suction cups. This towel rack is actually simple and doesn’t stand out at first glance, but its magic sticker uses the principle of air pressure to be firmly attached to the wall and can withstand strong pulling force without falling off. This is its strength. .

Simple design, without excessive decoration, simple and plain. Easy to install and protect the wall. The double-layer design can perfectly hang towels and bath towels separately, effectively preventing the growth of bacteria.

A comfortable modern bathroom is not only environmentally friendly and practical, but also conveys beauty and fashion in every detail. Sometimes, the fatigue during the day can make us breathless. Going home and taking a bath at night is our greatest luxury. Is your bathroom ready? If not, how about a major renovation?

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