8 Spice Organization Ideas For Your Kitchen

Spices are essential condiments, but how to store them effectively becomes a challenge. In modern kitchens, maximizing space becomes essential. From rotating spice racks to simple drawer organization, everything is offering new ideas for solving this dilemma. Let’s discover how to store spices smartly and save space in your kitchen.

Behind the door

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It’s a smart idea to use the space behind the door to store spices. You can install racks or hooks to secure spice bottles to the back of the door. It’s easy to access and doesn’t take up cabinet space. You can easily find the spices you need, making cooking convenient.

Bamboo spice rack

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Kamenstein’s bamboo storage rack is composed of 18 diamond-shaped grids. There is a metal ring on the back of the bamboo frame for easy installation. It can stand on the countertop, placed in a drawer or hung on the wall. Clear labeling on the cap allows you to quickly find your spices while baking.

Foating shelf

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When storage space is insufficient, we might as well create storage areas on the wall. Add some floating shelves to neatly display spice bottles on the wall. Don’t forget to pick up some dainty glass jars. Simple wooden shelves lined with spice jars look like works of art.

Store in drawer

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Maybe you have big, deep drawers in your kitchen, and that would be nice. Make the most of your kitchen drawers and keep your spices organized. Add dividers and labels to give each spice its own home. If you want easy access to your spices, don’t forget to install an organizer that allows them to be held at an angle.

Rotating spice rack

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This spice rack set from Kamenstein includes 1 rotating spice rack and 16 jars with removable sieve caps. Store a variety of seasonings and simply rotate to find what you need. The rotating chrome and plastic rack keeps spices neat and easily accessible on countertops or in cabinets.

Magnetic spice jar

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Organize your spices into a work of art! These honeycomb-like hexagonal jars can be attached to refrigerators or metal plates. No more rummaging through your cupboards for old spices. Set includes 216 washable spice label stickers that can be applied to lids or jar bottoms.

Acrylic spice rack

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Clear acrylic spice racks are an aesthetically pleasing option. Create more space in cluttered kitchens and pantries with this practical tiered shelf organizer. Simple acrylic shelves paired with glass jars give the kitchen a sense of design.

Pull-out spice cabinet

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We understand how precious kitchen space is. There are many awkward spaces that deserve to be utilized, such as the gap between the refrigerator and the cabinets. In that tight corner, cleverly install a pull-out spice cabinet. Spices are arranged in an orderly manner. You also save valuable countertop space.

With a good spice storage system, your kitchen will become more organized. Whether using walls, drawers or countertops, storage ideas are everywhere. I hope the various spice storage ideas provided in this article have inspired you.

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