6 Foods and Drinks You Should Never Microwave

The microwave oven is an indispensable tool in the modern kitchen. It brings convenience and speed to our lives. Whether it’s a quick way to heat up a cup of coffee in the morning or solve simple cooking needs during busy weeknight dinners, microwaves are our right-hand man. However, despite its unquestionable convenience, we also need to be careful with our food and drink choices when using a microwave to ensure safety and food quality. Today, let’s discuss what foods and drinks are best not to be heated in the microwave.

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Eggs in Shell

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Microwave heating of whole eggs, shell or not, can cause steam to build up inside the egg, possibly resulting in an explosion. The safest bet is to remove the shell or pierce the yolk before microwaving.


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If you’re in the habit of heating chili in the microwave, you might want to reconsider! Because the capsaicin contained in peppers releases an irritating gas when heated by microwaves, this is no joke. Jalapenos, habañrero peppers, etc. all fall into this category. Once these gases spread, they may shoot straight to your eyes, nose and throat like little rockets, making you feel like you were woken up by a rocket! Therefore, it is best not to heat the peppers in the microwave to avoid making yourself cough like a chimney!


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You may not have thought that putting grapes in the microwave will cause a mini fireworks show! Yes, the interaction between the water in the grapes and the microwaves creates something called a plasma, just like a little science experiment in a microwave. These plasmas cause the charged particles in the grapes to flash like little sparks, which looks cool, but if not controlled properly, these sparks can damage your beloved microwave or even cause a fire.

Processed Meat

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Don’t underestimate the microwave oven, it is a bit picky! For example, putting hot dogs or sausages in to heat them up may make the microwave a little difficult. Because the density of these things is quite high, the microwave may not be able to take care of every place, resulting in uneven heating. This is not fun, because if the heating is uneven, bacteria may have a chance! So, don’t blame the microwave oven for picky eaters. If you want to eat hot dogs or sausages, just eat them in the oven or cook them. This is the safest and most reliable way!

Metal Packaging Frozen Fruit

Placing metal in the microwave can cause sparks and damage the inside of the microwave. Some frozen fruit packages contain small metal ties or elements to allow for sealing. Be sure to wrap these or transfer the fruit to a microwave-safe container before heating.

Carbonated Drinks

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Heating carbonated drinks in the microwave may cause them to explode due to the increased pressure inside the sealed container. This can be confusing or even dangerous. It’s a good idea to transfer carbonated drinks to a microwave-safe container before reheating.

In our busy lives, microwave ovens are an indispensable kitchen tool, but we must also keep safety first. Avoiding heating the foods and drinks listed above in the microwave can help us avoid the risk of accidents and reduced food quality. By using the microwave correctly and paying attention to food selection, we can ensure that the food is safe and tastes delicious, making the microwave a reliable partner in our lives.

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